Kathleen Stone
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R. Scott Bolton’s review of
Head Case, Whiplash and Haven on

Haven, the third, and final, book in the Head Case Rock Novel Series is now available
in paperback and Kindle ebook!

“Like Facebook and other social media sites today that allow us to reconnect with people from our past, in Haven, Kathleen Stone bridges the gap and brings Regi, Mickey and Jesse right back to us once again. The whole wild saga that began years ago in a quintessential whirlwind of sex, drugs, and rock and roll has now evolved with children and real-life situations that all Stone’s readers can relate to, but they’re all just fibers in the great membrane which holds them all together — the band. Kathleen Stone’s tone and flow is a relaxed personal one — reading her words is like sitting across the table from a good friend at a cafe as she fills you in on everything that’s been happening since your last meeting. Whether you’re a musician, a music enthusiast, or simply a fan of literature, the characters in Stone’s rock and roll chronicles become friends, and being able to catch up with them once again is an experience that runs the gamut of emotion, but overall, provides an abundance of comfort that only other really good things in life can.”

Melanie P. Falina, Music Journalist & Poet

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