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Kathleen’s award winning novel: Whispers On A String

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“We promised each other a lifetime,” he whispered. “What if this, right now, is the only lifetime we were meant to have?”

Shelby has no memory of her life before the moment she stands outside Heatherstone Castle handing out bread to the village’s poor. She has no memory of how she came to be one of Master Richard’s servants, nor of the handsome stranger named Simon who risks his weekly food portions to catch a glimpse of her. While she does not know Simon, she sees him in her dreams and believes he is someone she can trust. Master Richard has his own plans for Shelby as he hides behind a royal facade of secrets, lies, scandal and unspeakable abominations. What will happen when Shelby learns that the necklace she is forced to wear is bewitched and not only keeps her memories at bay, but supposedly keeps her safe? Will she fight to retain possession of her own treasured memories and forge her own future, or will she be forced into a life chosen for her by Master Richard and lose everything she has ever held dear?

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Kathleen’s award winning novel: Hey Jude

Kathleen’s award winning novel: Tell Me You Love Me

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